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PEG tube placement in cirrhosis study with 26 patients. 30-day mortality of the series of patients was 38.5%, whereas the 90-day mortality was 42.3%. "Nine of the 10 patients who died in the first 30 days had ascites at the time of PEG tube placement" See Post
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Spend time on your health and your education. The time spent on both will have long term rewards. Twenty minutes doing exercises is worth being late and listening to an ebook on the ride into work are good habits. See Post
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Head Prestige versus Wilson Pro Staff. One hour of serving. The Prestige is lighter and easier to hit faster serves. The control for the prestige is pretty good also. Lighter versions of the Pro Staff racquet are available. They both retail for more than $200. #tennis See Post
Alkaline caustic ingestion can lead to an increased risk of squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus. See Post
Rows with dumbbells 45 pounds 3 sets 10 reps #fitness See Post
YouTube in a Tesla Model X with version 10 software update See Post
Vanguard offers international diversification. However, it has had a volatile past. 10,000 invested in 2004 had gone up to 21,000 then crashed down to 8,722 by 2008 during the financial crisis. It has rebounded to 20,000. Total market funds have performed well since the crisis, and international funds provide diversification beyond the United States. See Post
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Amazon has had twenty years of a high price to earnings ratio. Walmart underwent phenomenal growth from the 1970s to 1990s with a great run in its stock. However, Walmart generated substantial profits. The rules of finance don't change. See Post
Brownie a la mode with Islamorada beer at Snappers Key Largo 2020 #food See Post

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