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Gastric varices types. Gastro-esophageal varices type 1 extend along the lesser curvature. Gastro-esophageal varices type 2 extend into the fundus. Isolated gastric varices type 1 are in the fundus. Isolated gastric varices type 2 are in the antrum. See Post
Five main types of choledochal cysts according to Todani classification, type I: ◦Ia: dilatation of extrahepatic bile duct (entire) ◦Ib: dilatation of extrahepatic bile duct (focal segment) ◦Ic: dilatation of the common bile duct portion of extrahepatic bile duct •type II: true diverticulum from extrahepatic bile duct •type III: dilatation of extrahepatic bile duct within the duodenal wall (choledochocoele) •type IV: next most common◦IVa: cysts involving both intra and extrahepatic ducts ◦IVb: multiple dilatations/cysts of extrahepatic ducts only •type V: multiple dilatations/cysts of intrahepatic ducts only (Caroli disease) See Post
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Raccoon Coffee. Guava and cheese croissant and avocado toast. #food 2022 Brickell Miami parking lot behind the church. See Post
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Hematemesis-Hx of varices () Acute blood loss anemia-() Alcohol abuse- () seizures. Elevated INR with low platelets-likely secondary cirrhosis Plan: IV fluids Keep NPO Continue Protonix and Sandostatin drip, IV Rocephin Monitor H&H > greater than 7. Avoid alcohol Seizure Precaustions Differential diagnosis includes gastric ulcer and esophageal varices. Risks/benefits of EGD with possible variceal banding discussed with patient and family including bleeding, infection, perforation, and death. Patient agreeable to proceed with upper endoscopy. Patient counseled on avoiding alcohol use. Thank you for consultation. See Post
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Meditech Expanse. To see consults, from the rounds list screen, click the rectangle with notes and lab. Then click on the outstanding orders, and click on the consult to see the reason for the consult. Labs and imaging can also be quickly reviewed from this section of the screen without having to open the patient chart. Click on the patient name to open up the chart. -October 2022 See Post
Olympus 190 egd scope diameter 9.9 mm. 180 diameter is 8.8 mm.. See Post
Meditech Expanse. Rounds Report. Triple Menu Bar from Acute Status Board, then report. Schedule an EGD, go under orders, then GI request for procedure. See Post
Miami 2018 a restaurant inside an old fashioned hotel next to the Fontainebleau on the right. See Post

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