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Hematemesis - Differential diagnosis includes gastric ulcer, gastritis, esophagitis, and Mallory-Weiss tear. Risks/benefits of EGD discussed with patient[] including bleeding, infection, perforation, and death. Patient agreeable to proceed with upper endoscopy. See Post
November 2017. Sold AAPL covered put at $2.80. Apple reported great earnings for the quarter. Bought back the put option at $0.10. 96% return in two days. finance See Post
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Melena - Differential diagnosis includes peptic ulcer. Risks/benefits of EGD discussed with patient[] including bleeding, infection, perforation, and death. Patient agreeable to proceed with upper endoscopy. See Post
Await pathology results. The patient should be on Pantoprazole 40 mg p.o. BID for six weeks on discharge. The patient needs to follow up with me [] to discuss a repeat EGD in 6 weeks. Message was sent to clinic for follow up. Most likely source of bleeding was the gastric and duodenal ulcers. Avoid alcohol and NSAIDs. Differential diagnosis for gastric ulcer includes gastric cancer although less likely. Differential for gastritis includes H. Pylori infection See Post
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